Cool Movie Browser discovers and gathers all your video files, distributed on different computers and hard-drives, into a single place. After that, you can play them in your favorite (you choose) media player application (VLC Player, Windows Media Player, QuickTime Player etc).

–> Windows and Linux <–

Cool Movie Browser is also an ‘open window‘ to your favorite online video portals: YouTube, Dailymotion, Ustream and Veetle.

Here are the important features:

Online Sport TV panel that gives you all the sport live streams (hockey, soccer, football, basketball, baseball, tennis, cricket etc) from net with the games of the day, all across the world – NO ADS POPUPS!

Movie Library collects all movies into a single list. Detects the info about each movie, and adds the subtitles for them.
Music Library search, explore, watch and listen your favorite music and artists.
YouTube TV screen allows you to search and watch the YouTube videos.
Online Live TV with the live TV streams (TV news, movies channels, NASA TV, etc) from net.
Floating Toolbar was added to Movie Library screen to make easier to play, rename, delete or get more information for the selected movies.
Scrolling Panel allows you to scroll movie list, by drag-and-drop in the sliding image menu, like the iTunes interface. It is added to the Movie Library, Online Live TV, YouTube TV and Veetle TV screens, and it’s also configurable.
FilmOnTV, Dailymotion & UStream screens allow you to search and watch the Dailymotion, and UStream streams and videos.


Supporting us:

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